A Leprechaun Gets Lost

I know you can’t believe this
But I swear it’s true.
I saw a leprechaun
Watching me and you.

He was wearing a green suit
And a little green hat,
A Cane and shiny black boots.
He was chubby but not fat.

His belt was wide with a bucket of gold
That shined in the sun.
He also had a ring I’m told
But I didn’t see one.

He knew that I saw him
So he ran to hide.
I’m fast and knew he couldn’t win-
Soon I was at his side.

He was almost scared to death,
He started to tremble and shake.
I could see he was out of breath
And had to slow down for his sake.

He began to trust me after a while.
We relaxed and exchanged names.
He said he traveled mile after mile,
But everything looked the same.

He said his name was Timmy
A lot of leprechauns had that name.
I told him my name was Jimmy
And a lot of people had the same.

He said he was lost for two days
And just couldn’t get back.
I promised to help him find the way-
All we had to do was back track.

I said, “I’m hungry,
So before we go, can we eat?”
He said, “Sure Mr. Hungry,
Just turn around and take a seat.”

I turned, there was a chair
And a table covered with food.
I asked, “How did that get there?”
He said, “Magic, when I’m in the mood.”

I’d heard leprechauns were magic
And did things we wouldn’t believe
But nothing ever turned out tragic
Because the magic was up his sleeve.

Soon we were on our way
And went back the way he came.
The sun was hot the whole day
What we needed was some cool rain.

Soon the rain would be coming down.
Timmy felt we were getting close.
He looked for a gate to a town,
The town he loved most.

Soon he was jumping up and down-
He knew he’d found the place.
He dug a hole in the ground
And was happy he saved face.

For if a leprechaun gets lost
For more than three days,
His family, friends and gold were lost-
It was the leprechaun ways.

Timmy turned and said good bye
And hoped we’d meet again.
He said he knew I was a good guy
And would always be a friend.

On my way back
I reached in my pocket.
I felt something, a gold locket!
How it got there, only Timmy knows.

Marie D. Weis
Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.