A Missing Piece Of Soul

He woke up one morning
Feeling empty inside
Felt a terable gnawing
His heart could not hide

He started looking everywhere
For what he did not know
And swore if he had to
He'd chase a rainbow

He met a girl and smiled
She returned a grin
And in a little while
They felt love began

The love in their eyes was strong
They prayed it would stay
Knowing love could not go wrong
And would grow day by day

It didn't take him long to find
His missing piece of soul
She had tucked it in her heart
That's where he had to go

Soon they had a family
And grandchildren, too
They're proud as can be
The same as me and you

It isn't very often
That a man and wife
Will stay together
To fulfill their life

Now he'd found the missing part
To make his life whole
And glad he listened to his heart
To find his missing piece of soul

Now they've been married forty years
And their love did grow
With ups and downs and many tears
That's true love you know

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 1990. All rights reserved.