A Wonderful Dream

I'd like to fly high in the sky
And jump from star to star
And see how many try
To follow me so far

I'd like to try to reach the moon
Dodging comets flying by
I might find it's to soon
Or that it's way to high

The stars sure make pretty pictures
Of many beautiful things
Someday I'll drink from the little dipper
Or try on Saturn's rings

The sun is always glowing hot
But earth needs it everyday
To get close; I think not!
So I'll just fly away

I'd like to walk the ocean floor
Play hide and seek in sunken ships
Go and knock on Neptune's door
To see him do magic tricks

Now the wind will take me home
To my mom and dad
This has been a wonderful dream
The best I've ever had!

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 1990. All rights reserved.