It's All In My Plan

Sometimes I just sit in a chair
And dream of things Id like to do.
I think of eating an apple or pear
And maybe strawberries too.

Id like to run and play
Maybe even ride a bike
And maybe some Sunday
Go on a hike.

Id like to go fishing
With a home made pole
And even go swimming
In the ole swimming hole.

Id like to go to an amusement park
And go on all the rides.
Go through the tunnel in the dark
So scared Id hide my eyes.

Id like to go to the mall
And pick out my own clothes.
Id really have a ball-
Id be tickled from nose to toes.

Id like to put on skis
And go down hills of snow
Trying not to run into trees
In weather ten below.

Presents at birthday parties
Are always neat
Of all the holidays, Christmas is best.
Having family all around
And friends to fill in the rest.

I have to wait to go to school
To learn everything I can.
I want to learn The Golden Rule
Its all in my plan.

I dont want you to think Im lying,
So I really want you to know,
Im really just a wooden puppet-
Just like Pinocchio.

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.