Bunnies Love Carrots For A Fact

We all know bunnies love carrots for a fact
And that includes Timmy, Jimmy and Jack
Thier Mom loved them, and loved to tease as she shooed them away
And said "Now boys please, it's your turn to get food for the day."

They were a happy family and loved with all their heart
And were even happier when they could take part
The boys knew of a secret place known only to them in the wood
Where lots and lots of carrots grew and the could pick all they could

But when they got there the patch was almost bare
And they were very sad to see
Almost all the carrots gone from there
And said "Oh dear me."

So they split up and went in different directions and found a scattered few
But they were to small to mention but were lucky and found a trail brand new

This was a part of the wood they'd never seen before
And thought it just might be the home
Of the mean ol' wild boar

They said he was so mean
Even humans stayed away
And Jimmy said "Don't you think
We should come back another day?"

Timmy said "No, we're here now and may as well stay"
They moved around to search the ground when Jack let out a wail
The bad ol' boar turned up and grabbed him by the tail

The others came to help
But were shaking in their boots
Tim hit the boar in the head with the carrots
And Jim tickled his nose with the roots

He laughed so hard he let them go
And away the three ran
Still holding on to their precious carrots
For Mom to bake in the pan

Now there were three scared little bunnies
With hair sticking straight up from their heads
And while scrambling so fast they mumbled a prayer
And kept wishing they were home safe in their beds

On the way out they found another trail
That took them back to where they began
And when it was safe slowed down to catch their breath again
When Timmy said "There's one for me, one for Jimmy, and one for Jack
And over there are a whole lot more
We'd better hurry and get back!"

They arrived home just in time for Mom to cook dinner
And when she saw all the carrots she said "Horray boys you're the big winner."

They laughed and talked while they ate
And had a good old time
Passing bowls of carrots back and forth
All the way down the line

And Timmy said "Finding carrots was hard work for me and Jimmy and Jack
But I prefer eating them anytime 'cause bunnies love carrots for a fact."

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.