Doll Baby Ghost

Beth had a baby doll she sang to all the time
Hugging and kissing and singing you'r all mine

Beth has other doll babies, but favors this one the most
Because she thinks maybe her doll baby is a ghost

Doll baby's name is Sandy who likes to play tricks
She likes to hide candy after getting a few licks

She likes to hide her socks and mix the pink with blue
Then sit in her rocker laugh and say "I fooled you"

She never does a mean thing, she's always sweet and kind
She even helped Beth find a ring that was lost a long, long time

One day a neighbor girl came over to play
Sandy didn't like her and wanted her to go away

Sandy told Beth the girl played with matches and shouldn't be around
Cause she could start a fire and burn the house to the ground

This upset Beth so much she gave Sandy a time out
She told her to hush and not sit and pout

After a while they talked again and everythingwas fine
They hugged and kissed and said good-night both peaceful in mind

Right before the break of day Sandy awoke
She tried to wake Beth cause Beth started to choke

They could smell smoke and knew there were flames
Sandy knew this was no joke and knew just who to blame

After the fire was out and not to much damage done
They left for a few days and heard they caught the guilty one

It was the little neighbor girl now in her parents care
Sandy said she was glad the girl wouldn't be comming back there

Beth apoligized to Sandy and said it would never happen again
She even offered her candy to make sure they were friends again

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.