I Can Only Imagine

My mom says I have a good imagination.
Well, that could be true,
But I think what I know is real,
Let me explain it to you.

I dearly love all my toys
And take good care of them.
I have both girls and boys
And animals all mixed in.

I put them all to bed at night
After saying their prayers
And tell them all to sleep real tight
And in the morning I’ll be there.

I know I put the twins to bed
Laying side by side,
But in the morning they weren’t there
They were in a car taking a ride.

I asked Emmy and Becky
“What are you doing here?”
They looked up with smiling eyes
And acted like they didn’t hear.

Valerie Ann and Cassandra Ann
Were both fully dressed
But how could that be?
Some how I was stressed.

Danielle and Michelle were on the swing,
Roger and Bill had been playing ball,
Jocko the monkey was on the rings,
How did this happen to them all?

Stacey and Tina were standing there
Holding up “Happy” the clown
I guess at some point,
He must have fallen down.

The lights were on in the dollhouse,
So I went to see.
The table was set with dishes
And I could see food was ready.

Now how could all this happen
Without the help of the magic ones?
I know I can’t imagine
Any other way it can be done.

The triplets, Cora, Chloe, and Cassidy
Were playing in the sand box.
Watching them were Teddy and Freddy
And don’t forget, Max the Fox.

Toy soldiers were still guarding the queen
To keep her from harm.
There’s my little leprechaun,
Waving both his arms.

I think the little magic people
Only come in the night
To set free the spirits of toys
And in daytime, set them right.

So I can only imagine
As a mother what I’ll do
When I come across a problem
With a child or two.

Marie D. Weis
Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.