Itty Bitty

I saw a mouse, an itty-bitty mouse,
Running all around, in and out my house.

I said “Hey! Get out of here!”
He turned and looked, wiggling an ear.

Now that upset me so much, I chased him with a broom.
He said, “Hey, what’s all the fuss? You have plenty of room.
I could have my own space, and not even bother you.
So take that frown off your face, you’re starting to turn blue.

I don’t eat so very much, I am neat and clean.
Many things I don’t touch, please don’t be so mean.

I eat crumbs off of the floor I thought you left for me.
I often wish that there were more, I look but cannot see.

Sometimes I go to sleep at night, hungry as can be
And Wake up when the sun is bright and look for food for me.

If I leave here, I know I’ll die.”
Suddenly there was a tear falling from his eye.

I said, “Don’t do that, I won’t harm you in any way.”
I gave him a gentle pat and said that he could stay.

I had to keep him safe from harm, so I built him a tiny house.
It worked like a charm, now he runs in and out his own itty-bitty house.

We talked and soon we made a pact and became great friends.
And as a matter of fact, we’ll live together till the end.

Marie D. Weis
Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.