Jason The Bullfrog

Jason is a bullfrog, the biggest I've ever seen
Although the size of him scares me, I know that he's not mean

I saw him sitting in a meadow basking in the sun
I said "Hi ther big fellow. When do you get anything done?"

He jumped from lillypad to lillypad to look me in the face
Said he was looking for hid dad who used to live in this place

He said he'd looked for his dad for years and had been here before
He'd shed a million tears but won't shed any more

No sooner did he finish speaking when he was caught in a net
Jason began freaking, fighting and trying to git

He did not free himself and was carted away with the others
I followed because I had to see if they caught Jason's mother

I guess I never thought to much about a frog having a family
But I knew I had to do something, after all I didn't want it to be me

I followed the truck to a factory and followed the men inside
Jason must have known becaause he called to to me to hide

Soon the lights were dimmed and all the men went home
Then I looked for him and found him, then I took him home

He said his mother was not there, but I turned them loose anyway
Hoping they'ed all be safe and neet again someday

I told Jason I would help him, I'd do what I could
He said he needed his family who lived deep in the woods

I took him back to the place where I first met him
I think he had a smile on his face, I hope he'd find his kin

As I left I felt a sadness I'd never know before
Not knowing what would happen to Jason's family and what was in store

Maybe someday we'll meet again and everything would be fine
I'd like to see his family with him and be together for a long, long time

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.