Maybe He'd Like To Do It Over

I wish I could write the most beautiful song
God would let me do
I'd sing of his undying love
And his faith in you

He performs miracles
With a snap of his fingers on his right hand
Then snaps his finges on the left
To set the right program

He can make the moon and the sun
Shine at the same time
Or hide the stars in the dark
Or let them brightly shine

Everyday his miracles
Are seen ten million fold
And lets us trust our memory
The stories the Bible told

It would be sad if everything
We took for granted everyday
Should suddenly disappear
And the whole world went away

Do you think He's satisified
With the shambles our world is in
Because He let us make our oun decisions
Maybe He'd like to start again

Maybe He'd like to do it over
To get a fresh start
To give us a chance to appreciate Him
And love Him with whole heart

That's the reason for our being
But we've let him down
The beautiful miracles He has granted
We've trampled to the ground

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.