Miss Tilly

Miss Tilly is my favorite bear
She’s only four inches tall.
My friends prefer larger bears,
They say Miss Tilly is too small.

But I take her everywhere,
She’s no trouble at all.
She can sleep in a bed or chair
Or in my purse when we are at the mall.

She likes to tell stories at night,
At night when everything’s dark.
She has to get her stories right
To know where to start.

She wants to meet the Easter Bunny
And Fairies pretty and bright,
Clowns that are sad and funny,
And touch stars out of sight.

She said she saw a leprechaun
Counting all his gold,
And three little elves in town
All are getting sold.

She’d like to be a little creature
And ride on a butterfly’s wing.
Or be a beautiful opera star
‘Cause she dearly likes to sing.

She’d like to ride in Santa’s sleigh,
If he’d give her a ride.
And try to catch a shooting comet
While sitting at his side.

Halloween gives her the chance
To be someone she’s not.
She can be a ballerina and dance
Or a witch stirring a pot.

One of her fondest stories
Is to sleep in a bed of flowers.
There she’s in all her glory
Like the princess in the towers.

She can go on and on
(it seems)
But who’s to say we can’t hold on
And cherish all our dreams?

And yes! She is a little bear
Just four inches tall.
But she is my best friend
And I love her most of all.

Marie D. Weis
Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.