Never A Lender Or Borrower Be

They say the livin' is easy in the summertime
It's not at all
Neither is it easy in spring, winter, or fall

If the sunshine could come through all our stormy weather
Then certainly a cloud lined with silver would be much better

They say April showerw will bring flowers in May
Won't they drown if it rains every day?
I know I sound bitter, but hey!
I'm drowning a little bit each day

My mama always told me
Never a lender or borrower be
No matter what the problem
Especially when it's money

A cup of sugar is just fine
It only cost a dime
But I have been trying to get money back
For a long, long time

I loaned it for a short time
It's been almost a year
And my mailbox is flooded with dunns
'Cause there's no money here

I know I was a fool
But thought it would work
It seems I was dead wrong
And know I was a jerk

I hope things will change
For everyone involved
Cause the money I loaned out
Needs to be revolved

Somehow I have to pay my debts
And get off the hook
I swear I'll never lend again
On that you can make book

And I will always remember
Never a lender or borrower be
And swear this will never happen again
At least not to me

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.