Rocking Horse Cowgirl

She first saw him on Christmas Day
She was quite suprised
Though she got many other toys
To keep her busy through the day
They just didn't interest her, she pushed them all away

We call her our 'Rockin Horse Cowgirl', that's how she spends her day
She rocks from early morning, 'till nightime comes our way

We had a problem, but had to laugh, as we explained to her
Her horse didn't need a bath, it was just for her

She's very good and takes care of him, feeds him three times a day
It seems we never run out of pretend carrots or hay

She'll comb and brush his hair, shine his saddle till it glows
Then stands back to admire him, then gently kiss his nose

She says her horse is her best friend, I believe it's grue
Cause my Rockin Cowgirl, rocks the whole day through

I know when she's getting tired, and almost asleep
When her horse is slowing down, and she slips off the seat

I always get to her in time, and catch her in my arms
And know she dreams of rockin, on a rockin horse farm

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.