Strolling In Heaven Today

Life can be beautiful, thought it's not always as it seems
Some people build stable lives on their hopes and dreams
Sleep at night, wake at dawn, work all day long
This is the way some do it, and they think it's wrong

But I've no regrets, I've lived my life and yet,
I know I never gave as much as I surely did get
I've looked life straight in the eye, God knows I really tried
By now you know I've left you, I'll see you bye and bye

Yes, I've left you now, I had to go home
For I know I have reaped the seeds that I have sown
Now I have lived my life through, there's nothing more to say
Except; please don't cry for me, I'm strolling in Heaven today

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.