To Teachers One And All

Our teachers think of things to do
To make learning more fun
In math, science and spelling too
Even when to walk and run

Sometimes they make it hard for us
To make us stop and think
And patiently explain to us
Why we have to reason what we think

We have to pay close attention
To what is going on
Often times the teacher will mention
That time marches on

No child should be left behind
Each child needs lots of teachers
Parents, family, and friends will find
It takes a lot of preachers

This country is lucky for teachers like ours
Who early on teach our young
To reach for the stars

It's not the easiest job to do
It takes many years of going to school
They need help from parents too
To help teach the golden rule

They take care of our children all day long
To make sure they get lunch
And are dressed to keep us warm

They love every child like their very own
And keep them in protective care
Teaching is a part that has grown
And why so many want to be there

Truth, honesty, and integrity
Are instilled by everyone
It takes enlighteded people
To see that it is done

For dedicating their lives
To answer educations call
I'd like to pay tribute
To teachers one and all

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.