The Dad I Never Had

The man said he wished he'd never been born
He didn't ask to be here
He looked so tired and worn
My heart went out to him there

He said he was lonesome
Never had a friend
It was like this in the beginning
And now in the end

He was shifted from person to person
Abuse was all he had
He never had the love
Of his real mom and dad

He couldn't wait to grow
To go and be on his own
Little did he know
He'd always be alone

I asked him if he'd mind
If I'd visit once or twice
He said he did not
And thought it might be nice

I didn't go just once or twice
I went twice a day
And slowly saw his bitterness
Get weak and fade away

Now I never told him
I felt the same way too
I was depressed and lonesome
And sadness was nothing new

Now that a few years have passed
I'm more than just glad
He adopted me, I'm his son
And he's the dad that I never had

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.