The Grump

A long, long time ago, up by the North Pole
Lived a mean, lonley reindeer, who spoke not to a soul.

He was a big handsome reindeer, except for one thing.
He had a broken antler and at times it would sting.

Alas it was broken, it was but a stump.
And his is the reason they called him The Grump.

It was soon time for Santa to judge this year's tests,
To add another reindeer, but only the best.

More test would be made to pick only three,
Cause that's all Santa needed to help trim his tree.

He would test their agility and good naturedness.
He would test their ability and true heartedness.

It was a hard decision for Santa to make
For a reindeer true in heart could not be a fake.

The Grump decided to take the test
And try very hard to do his very best.

He was jealous of rudolph and no other one.
He'd taken a vow to be second to none.

And when santa went to tally the score,
He announced 3 tied winners. NO! The Grump made four!

But Santa didn't mind having an extra one.
He had many jobs that had to be done.

The Grump was always jealous of Rudolph's important job.
It made him so angry, he'd oftern sit and sob.

The Grump began to worry, he thought of a devious plan.
He'd kidnap Rudolph, then help search with his own clan.

On his way to hide Rudolph, over slick snow and ice,
Rudolph kept telling him, "What you're doing's not nice."

In a very short time, The Grump started to yell,
"They'll never find you, cause I'll never tell."

In just a split moment, a small measure of time,
He pushed Rudolph down a crevice, to further his crime.

In the meantime, back at Santa's house
They all searched for Rudolph, even the tiny church mouse.

Now the night before Crhistmas, all was not well,
Not the sound of a caroler or the ring of a bell.

The sky was all cloudy, 'twas a nasty ole night,
Santa's helpers all whispered, "We need Rudolph's bright light."

Rudolph, now left alone in his plight,
Tried to escape with all his might.

Now weary of trying, he soon reard a squeal,
And to his amazement he saw Leon the Seal.

Rudolph said, "Leon, get me a rope,
One that is long, as long as the slope."

When Rudolph was out, they ran side by side.
They had to hurry for a most important sleigh ride.

Before they could get very far in the snow,
They heard a weak cry and a very low moan.

They stopped in their tracks, as the sound seemed to grow,
Leon said, "Rudolph, it's someone we know!"

They looked and looked and soon they found
That The Grump had slipped and fallen to the ground.

He begged them to help him, he was sorry for his deeds,
But he wanted to be with Santa and fill his needs.

And when he was helped, he just couldn't believe
That he could be helped by the one he deceived.

They all hurroed to Santa. The Grump confessed from the start
That he was just lonesome and wanted to take part.

So when Santa did say in his jolly ole voice
That The Grump had been chosen. Yes, The Grump was his choice!

And much to everyone's suprise, The Grump's antlers grew
And they more than doubled in size.

Because of his true heart, there were hundreds of smiles,
And the bright light of love lit the sky up for miles.

Now Santa finally told him what his job was to be.
It was to light up the night so everyone could see.

By now everyone knew, The Grump was a nice guy
And with his glow of love, he would light up the sky.

And soon they all flew off into the night.
With everyone singing songs that were happy and bright.

They all sang together, some sang alone.
Leon had the sweetest voice, he sang baritone.

But the best song of all that you will ever hear

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.