The Hand Me Down Kid

I know a kid who gets hand me downs, she has a big sister too
I wish there was something, anything I could do
Everyone shops at garage sales, for undies, dresses and such
They usually buy a lot, it doesn't cost so much
Sometimes the shoes she wears are her sisters, to big in size
And when she runs she loses one, that's when she cries
The shirt she wears drags on the floor, the dog chewed one sleeve
The mor I see the madder I get, I really get peeved
The mother bought the big one a rosary, said the little one could use it too
I said to myself 'That's not right, this just wouldn't do
So I bought another for her alone, this sweet little kid deserves her own
I can't understand, she's always so happy, you never see a frown
When all the poor kid ever gets is hand me downs
I dream if I'd win the lottery I'd spend all over town
I'd buy ten of everything, even store a wedding gown
I'd dress her so darned cute that everywhere we'd go
People would stop and ask if she were in a fashion show
So there she goes, the little hand me down kid, never really giving a care
I guess she knows she's really loved, there's no hand me down there

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.