These People Have Feelings Too

Sometimes we hurt others
By things we do and say
Not really meaning that at the time
Words just seem to slip away

Names like 'fatso' and 'butterball'
Are as mean as can be
So is skinny minny
A name called for little Ginny

Skinny Minny Ginny
Is a girl of eight
No matter what she eats or does
She just can't gain weight

She cries when they call her names
But she can't help herself
They won't let her play in games
She really needs some help

A boy named Jim is not so thin
They call him 'Fatso' and 'Butterball'
He's to slow and they can't win
They won't let him play at all

They call another boy 'Wheelchair Eddie'
Who can't get up and run
They say he will never be ready
And messes up all their fun

Another little girl can't talk
She forgets most everything
She'd like a friend who understood
And wishes they wern't so mean

People hurt when they're called names
Through no fault of their own
They can't enjoy lifes fun and games
With no pitty shown

These people have feelings too
Just like you and me
And should not be alone
Understanding and love you see
Will let our true feelings be known

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.