She'll climb a tree with the very best,
Says she's afraid of nothing
She's happy just to follow the rest
And doesn't need to lead the ring

Safety goggles on top of baseball hat
Hides her foot long hair
In one hand she drags a bat
Asks if I'd seen her ball anywhere

The zippers stuck on her jacket
Her overalls far to long
She asked about her tennis racquet
Said that her's was gone

She brings in bags and bags of rocks
To sell me what she can
And goes into total shock
When she sees how rich I am

The other day she found a nightcrawler
For her fishing line
Said if she hadn't found him
Balled up bread would be fine

To top it off she wears dad's toolbelt
With hanging hammer and brush
I tell you she made my heart melt
When I saw her dirt mustache

She's the most beautiful tomboy
That I have ever seen
No matter if it's boys clothers or toys
Her face is in full beam

Yes she's a tomboy now
And really knows she's a girl
But promises later on somehow
She'll give being a girl a twirl

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.