Walter's New Shoes

Walter the barefoot bear
Wanted to wear shoes.
That’s why when I saw him
He was always singing the blues.

He asked his mom to buy him some
It was something he really did need.
She said, “no, it’s never been done,
Bears don’t wear shoes, no indeed.”

He said the ground was very hard
And branches cut his feet.
The sun heats grass yard by yard
When the rain cools it, it’s neat.

He said it’s hard to keep his balance
On slippery and wet ground.
The rain makes it a challenge
To walk around an ant mound.

Walter’s favorite dinner was spaghetti,
He had to hurry and wash up.
As soon as mom had it ready,
He poured milk in his cup.

Walter was going to be with friends
As soon as dinner was done.
Jim had a broken leg on the mend
And impatiently waited for everyone.

Walter liked birthday parties for Jim
But had to walk a couple of miles.
Holding tightly on to the present for him,
Knowing it would bring many smiles.

Walter’s mother felt sorry for him,
He had feet like no other bear
She said some days she just couldn’t win
Got ready and followed him there.

When mom arrived at the party,
They were all having fun, playing games,
singing and dancing.
Except Walter-
The only one not out there prancing.

It seems his feet hurt too much
It was a long way to travel.
His feet were tender to the touch
Between his toes were sticks and gravel.

Her eyes filled with tears at seeing him.
She ran to hug and kiss
She promised it would never happen again
He would never again suffer like this.

On the way home mom promised Walter a surprise.
He wasn’t feeling well and hoped it was good news.
When they reached home, mom said, “close your eyes”
And excitedly said,
“I’ve been waiting to give you some new shoes.”

Walter could not believe
His feet would hurt no more.
He did not receive just two shoes,
But an awesome four!

Now when I see Walter coming
He’s not singing the blues-
He says “hey! Look I’m running!
In my brand new shoes!”

Marie D. Weis
Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.