When I Go Fishing

I met a man while fishing
Who seemed so very old
He got the sun by wishing
While shivering with cold

I asked him where he came from
he said "Here and there"
I asked about his family
He said "Everyone who cared"

His eyes revealed such wisdom
And he seemed as though pure
I thought I glimpsed a kingdom
Then again I was'nt so sure

A mystical magis about this man
Drew me close to him
When I offered him my hand
I could see he was without sin

Then in a twinkl'in of an eye
He somehow disappeared
But I know I'll see him by and by
Cause I know who was here

And now when I go fishing
I forevere search the sky
And try to get the sun by wishing
But can't, no matter how hard I try

Someday I'll see the old man
Who was fishing by my side
Maybe in a far away land
When I cross to the other side

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.