Who Says A Man Can't Cry

I saw a little boy fall, he wanted to cry
He saw his father shake his head, saw that look in his eye
I was overwhelmed with anger, I don't care what people say
My heart went out to the little guy, it shouldn't happen; no way

Who says a man can't cry, it's not the thing to do
They have feeling to you know, just like me and you

Some men think he's not a man, if people see him cry
But I think he should and can, it's not for us to pry
Some men let their sons feel to cry is a sin
What did he do as a boy? Who did this th him?

No, we should never, ever laugh or turn a deaf ear
When the men in our lives need to shed a tear

I have always told my son that it's O.K. to cry
Cause ever since time began, there have been reasons why

Marie D. Weis
Copyright 1990. All rights reserved.