Billy Boy

Sometimes we call him “Billy Boy”
He likes it that way.
Animals are the love of his life,
He knows they’re here to stay.

He was born with a magic touch
To cure and mend animals.
No amount of caring too much-
I’m glad he couldn’t work with mammals.

He fed the little new borns
With a tiny eyedropper.
He always kept them warm
Even carried them in his pocket.

One day, Dad and the boys were in the back room
I asked why and what for.
One stood there holding a broom
Another getting a snake from a drawer.

There was a constant parade of little critters
Billy loved them one and all.
He was the neighborhood animal sitter-
He always had a ball.

I can’t count the raccoons he had,
I know there were quite a few.
He said because they were wild, didn’t make them bad
He loved them all, old and new.

A neighbor brought him an injured bird
And asked Billy to fix its wing.
As usual, Billy gave his word
And promised soon the bird would sing.

He’s a grown man now
And hasn’t changed in any way.
I guess he’ll never forget how
To care for animals every day.

Marie D. Weis
Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.