Curly Sue

Curly Sue is a sweet baby girl
Just past the age of two.
Looking to see what to give a whirl
As all children do.

Mom called from the other room
To see where she was at.
Curly Sue grabbed her toy broom
And chased after the cat.

The cat ran under the table
And pulled the lamp to the floor.
Soon the cat ran faster,
Not wanting any more.

She ran as fast as she could
In each room and into the hall.
She’d catch the cat if she could,
But then she had a fall.

Soon loving arms were hugging her
And kissing all over her face,
Mom checking everywhere and laughing
Saying she lost the race.

Curly Sue wanted her kitty cat
To pet and hug and kiss.
Sorry to have disturbed his nap
And never should have done this.

Soon kitty came to sit on her lap
Purring sweetly as can be.
Then they both took a nap,
So tired, but very happy.

Marie D. Weis
Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.