I Hope Heaven Has A Mountain

Iíve spent my life on this mountain, since the day my mother gave birth
Iíll never leave this mountain, my life is what its worth

I wake the sun in the morning, and watch it melt morning dew
And put it to rest in the evening, when the day is through

In spring itís cool and refreshing, it helps to cleanse my soul
A stream runs crystal clear, sun dances off the shoal

The wind blows soft on the mountain, it touches here and there
It soothes my worn weary body, and takes such gentle care

Peace grows from the valley, a breeze kisses the night
All Godí creatures rally, and know the world is right

My soul is longing for heaven, I think Iím ready to go
Hope heaven has a mountain, Iíll miss this one so

Marie D. Weis
Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.