What’s your favorite...
Color:Light Purple
Food:Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream
Animal:Bull Dog
Drink:Diet Coke
Radio station (frequency and name):106.5 Mix
Artist/Group:Bowling For Soup
Movie:Rocky Horro Picture Show
Actor/Actress:Jude Law and Tim Curry
Day of the year:My B-Day
Day of the week:Friday
Book:Skipping Christmas
Chips:Salt and Vinegar
Car:Hayndai Accent
Flower:Snap Dragon
Ice Cream:Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Which do you prefer...?
Saturday or Sunday:Sunday
Summer or Winter:Winter
Hugs or Kisses (Hershey’s):Kisses
Hugs or Kisses (For real):Hugs
Chocolate or Vanilla:Vanilla
Buttered, Plain, or Salted popcorn:Kettle

What’s the first thing you notice...
About the opposite sex:Personality
When you walk into a room:T.V.

Eye Color?:Brown
Hair Color?:Brown
Who do you live with:
Too shy to ask someone out?:Yes