I sent this survey out to my friends to see how much I have in common with them.
If you would like a copy of this survey sent to you, just e-mail me.

What’s your favorite...
Food:Most Italian foods
Drink:Anything Coke
Radio station (frequency and name):101.9 Light FM
Artist/Group:Delta Goodrem and Clay Aiken
Movie:Phantom of the Opera
Actor/Actress:Johnny Depp
Day of the year:July 16 (My Birthday)
Day of the week:Friday
Author:Ray Bradbury
Chips:Sour Cream and Onion
Car:Toyota Prius
Ice Cream:Green Mint Chocolate Chip

Which do you prefer...?
Saturday or Sunday:Saturday
Summer or Winter:Summer
Hugs or Kisses (Hershey’s):Hugs
Hugs or Kisses (For real):Kisses
Chocolate or Vanilla:Chocolate
Buttered, Plain, or Salted popcorn:Buttered

What’s the first thing you notice...
About the opposite sex:Physical Appearence
When you walk into a room:Paint Color

Eye Color?:Blue-Green
Hair Color?:Sandy-Blonde
Who do you live with:Both Parents
Siblings?:Two sisters
Too shy to ask someone out?:Duh!!!!

My answers are here in green. Click on one of my friends' names to see what the said. There answers will be blue and the answers that we had in common will be orange.

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